Our People

The Delitea Spirit
At the heart of the Delitea culture is the belief that empowering our people keeps us ahead. We move forward by learning from every challenge and each other to create strategies that drive impact. Through discovery comes breakthrough. When we are inspired, customers get results.
To become the preferred enterprise transformation platform for the food and beverage industry in Malaysia.
To build a positive and professional team that moves towards a more prosperous future, and achieves a smart and fulfilling life.
Passionate & About The Work We Do : SIMPLE
Customer First
The satisfaction and success of our clients are our primary concerns. We hold their needs foremost in our minds. We provide advice and information to help clients grow.
Embrace Change
We embrace change and dare to innovate. We create new ideas and solutions for customers, making things simpler and more unique.
Team Drive
Good team culture and a positive work ethic motivate us to do everything well. Everyone actively participates in decision-making and contributes to team building.
Enthusiasm and Zeal
We face difficulties and challenges with love and a positive attitude. We don't give up easily. We continually self-motivate, improve ourselves, seek breakthroughs, and wholeheartedly devote ourselves to all tasks.
Loyalty and Integrity
We remain loyal to the company's mission, vision, and values. We uphold integrity, keep our promises, admit mistakes bravely, and take responsibility. We empathize with others' perspectives.
High Efficiency and Professionalism
We are professional and persistent, seeking continuous improvement. We focus on doing the right things. We complete tasks efficiently, avoiding wasting time and energy.
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We grow as we solve real problems with passion
We turn challenges into ideas and solutions
We are empowered by a creative, collaborative spirit
We focus on what matters and what we can impact
We are inspire to find the positive and be confident
We encourage honesty and open communication
We grow by solving real problems and finding what we are passionate about

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