About Us

About Us
"At Delitea, we exist to empower restaurant and cafe owners in the food and beverage industry. With over 20 years of experience, our aim is to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and boost their overall success. Through tailored technology solutions, expert consulting services, and comprehensive training programs, we provide the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in a competitive market.

Delitea offer a diverse range of services, including providing up to 400+ beverage and dessert ingredients supplies. Our expertise also extends to beverage menu consultation, ensuring that our clients offer a curated and enticing selection to their customers.
We have solved
Implemented projects
Ingredients Supply
400+ Certified Halal, HACCP, MESTI & ISO beverage ingredients.
Equipment & System
Innovative Approach to Fulfill M’sia Market
Upgrade Menu
Customized Beverage Menu & Consultation
Beverage Training
Inspiring SOP for Beverage Technique Training
Supplier | Consultant | Trainer
Delitea Sdn Bhd, your trusted partner in the food and beverage industry. With 15 years of experience and expertise, we specialize in providing high-quality beverage ingredients, comprehensive beverage systems, and innovative solutions for you r establishment. Delitea offers a wide range of over 400 F&B products, carefully crafted to deliver Simple.Healthy.Delicious.
Dessert & Beverage Equipment
Delitea are dedicated to innovation, making it easier than ever for your staff to operate our devices. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines labor operations, automates processes, and minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring the consistent and stable taste of your beverages. We're not just selling equipment; we're delivering a seamless and reliable solution for your business."
Extend / Upgrade Beverage & Dessert Menu
We specialize in enhancing your menu offerings. Our dedication to innovation ensures your beverage and dessert menus remain fresh and enticing. With our creative solutions, we help you delight customers and stay ahead in the culinary landscape. "Exciting Drinks Menu: Unique, Seasonal, and Healthy Choices"
Beverage Technique Training
At Delitea Sdn Bhd, we specialize in comprehensive staff beverage technique training. Our program equips your team with the knowledge and skills needed to craft exceptional beverages, ensuring customer satisfaction and elevating your business to new heights.
Key Milestones & Experiences
We started as restaurant owners ourselves, which gives us a unique perspective and firsthand knowledge of the challenges you face. That's why we're not just here to provide equipment; we're here to help fellow F&B owners succeed."
Opened 4 ice cream shops, selling over 1000 bowls a day and featured on Astro and TV8's food programs.
Company Story2006
Established Delitea Enterprise as a two-person company.
Company Story2007
Started various beverage and snack shops.
Company Story2011
Transitioned Delitea to Sdn Bhd with a team of 5.
Company Story2013
Launched BEAM cafe, becoming a popular spot, and attracted TVB and Mediacorp filming.
Company Story2014
Relocated Delitea with an 8-person team.
Company Story2015
Founded 8 The Lab, participated in international exhibitions.
Company Story2017
Expanded with a new warehouse, doubling the team's performance.
Company Story2019
Relocated to the current Delitea building, navigating challenges during the pandemic.
Company Story2020
Thrived online during lockdowns, achieving over 1000 online orders a day.
Company Story2021
Promoted 4in1 kopitiam system 7.0 and 8.0, expanded to 700 outlets in a year.
Company Story2022
Preparing to open branches in Kuching and JB, with Delitea having a team of 30 and Beam having a team of 30.
Company Story2023
Our Pride
We Make the best Malaysia beverage
We're more than just Beverage & Dessert Ingredients &equipment providers we're your partners in delivering the authentic flavors of Malaysia to delighted customers."
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F&B Essential Equipment
F&B Shop Concept & Setup
F&B Entrepreneurial Opportunities Platform
Consultation & Academy
Beverage & Dessert Ingredients Supply
Customize Beverage Menu Upgrade / Add-on
Staff Training & Workshop
Branding Strategy & Marketing
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